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  • Experience in implementing end-to-end CI/CD solutions using On-Prem/AWS/Private Cloud for web, microservices, mobile (iOS & Android) applications.

  • Extensive experience in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment techniques, approaches and tools, including experience with following tools: Jenkins, TeamCity, RLM.

  • Experience in defining branching & merging strategies based on the release cycle.

  • Expertise in writing PowerShell, Python, Bash scripts for automation.

  • Strong expertise in integrating various testing phases (Unit Test, Functional, System/Integration, Regression) within CI/CD pipeline. As part of continuous testing, able to integrate selenium & Cucumber BDD framework with any CI server (TeamCity/Jenkins).

  • Expertise in Containerization /Docker Kubernetes /application deployment experience on PCF/OpenShift.

  • Experience with Private & Hybrid Cloud Architectures.

  • Experience with monitoring tools like Grafana, Prometheus, Nagios.

  • An experienced SRE working in ‘Cloud Native’ environments.

  • Hands-on experience with complete SRE & DevOps Lifecycle & Tooling sets

  • Hands-on experience in private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • IAC experience (writing and debugging) with tools like Terraform or Ansible

  • This role is 50% Development and 50% ops (building things is a must)

  • Hands-on Kubernetes or OpenShift or Docker experience

  • Consultative mindset, experience acting in an advisory role.

  • Superior written and verbal communication skills.

  • Hands on coding ability in Java / Python - writing your own programs / scripts from scratch

  • Strong familiarity with 1 of the public cloud providers like GCP / AWS or Azure

  • Hand-s on dashboarding / alerting experience with monitoring solutions like Stackdriver / ELK / Prometheus or Grafana or something similar

  • Hands on experience in SRE metrics like SLI, SLO, SLAs, Error Budgets etc

  • Hands on experience with Git and release management

  • Ability and willingness to mentor junior staff and share knowledge.

  • Advanced problem-solving experience

  • Exposure to Agile / Scrum / XP development methodologies

  • In-depth understanding of CI/CD

  • Responsibilities:
    - Work in a cross-functional team to design and engineer solutions to complicated problems
    - Migrate applications from an internal virtualized environment to Public Cloud
    - Utilize Infrastructure as Code Tools to automate deployments of new application

  • Experience with a Public Cloud Provider (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, etc.)

  • Experience with Terraform

  • Experience with Ansible, Puppet, or Chef

  • Experience with one or more Enterprise Server Operating Systems (Windows/Unix/Linux)

  • Agile/Scrum

  • Deep understanding of Cloud Networking VPC, security groups, HA/DR, ALB vs ELB, CDN (infrastructure design and architecture) (azure equivalent).
  • Working experience in containers and container orchestration (K8s).
  • Strong understanding of application and platform design in cloud and multi-cloud set up.
  • Hands on experience on implementing proof of concept solutions using python, node js ,CDK, CloudFormation.
  • Very good understanding of different data storage options and their implementations on cloud based on various use cases.
  • Solid knowledge of Cloud Identity and Access Management and its implementation with application design.
  • Experience and hands on knowledge on documenting solution designs and reference documentations.
  • Solid understanding of cloud and data security practicses and their implementation details for platform as well as app deployments.
  • Good Knowledge and solid experience designing and fundamentally leveraging cloud network infrastructure components including: Direct Connect/Express Route, cloud Ingress and egress, VPC, Routing, Transit Gateways, virtual hubs, private links, Route 53, CloudFront, ALB, subnets, SaaS Integration etc.
  • Good Exprience with CI/CD technologies and their implementations -AWS Code Commit, Code Pipeline, Code Deploy, Bit bucket.
  • Hands on experience on designing application for serverless ,container, Data and AI workloads.
  • Awareness around the eco system and services available on cloud and propose their usage in projects based on cost,security and other factors.
  • Expercience developing HA and DR based solution designs for cloud.
  • Hands on experience in using python and node js for POC demonstrations.
  • Very good understanding of multi clouds like AWS, Azure and recommending cloud platform based on use cases.

  • Building and implementing new development tools and infrastructure.
  • Working on ways to automate and improve development and release processes
  • Design/Build deployment process for zero downtime deployments
  • Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
  • Setup/Enhance current CI/CD pipeline for full stack applications on AWS EU region
  • Working with software developers and software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended
  • Build/Maintain infrastructure as code using Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Setup observability of micro-services using Prometheus, Grafana cloud and Sentry

  • Must have experience in AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, KMS, SNS, Glue, Redshift

  • Knowledge and Experience implementing and using Kafka, CloudWatch, ELK, CloudTrail

  • Should be Hands-on developer

  • Experience in CI/CD and DevOps practices

  • Nice to have knowledge and experience in Apache Storm, New Relic APM, REST API development,

  • Microservices using Spring boot.

  • Experience in developing systems for AWS meeting high availability, Performance, security and scalability criteria.

  • Self-motivated and pro-active

  • Expert in AWS CDK, Terraform & Ansible
  • Experience in MGN Tool and have worked in Data center exit.
  • Extended experience with IaC, PaC, automated single-click deployment, configuration management, production support
  • Hands-on experience with programming languages such as Python, Go, and AWS Lambda functions
  • Expertise in containerization with Docker/Kubernetes and orchestration tools Ansible/ Puppet
  • Building and maintaining cyber security tools and solutions
  • Experience with AWS EKS and ECS services
  • Knowledge of Shell scripting

  • Strong Python Programming Skills using OOPS concepts, test scripts/content development.
  • Strong Test automation and framework development/usage experience Using Python.
  • Experience in working on validation scripts creation, update and execution.
  • Experience in working on different hardware platforms.
  • Development using Agile Methodology.
  • Experience in using CI/CD tools – JIRA, BitBucket, QuickBuild etc., Configuration Management Tools – Git, Tortoise Mercurial etc.
  • Good debugging skills to analyze and triage test failures, Experience in using Python Debugger- PDB.

  • Design, implement and support an analytical data infrastructure.
  • Managing AWS resources including EC2, EMR, S3, Glue, Redshift, etc.
  • Interface with other technology teams to extract, transform, and load data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and AWS big data technologies.
  • Explore and learn the latest AWS technologies to provide new capabilities and increase efficiency.
  • Maintain internal reporting platforms/tools including troubleshooting and development. Interact with internal users to establish and clarify requirements in order to develop report specifications.
  • Write advanced SQL queries and Python code to develop solutions
    Skill Sets.
  • Work experience with ETL, Data Modelling, and Data Architecture.
  • Expert-level skills in writing and optimizing SQL.
  • Experience with big data technologies such as Hadoop/Hive/Spark.
  • Solid Linux skills.
  • Experience operating very large data warehouses or data lakes.
  • Expertise in ETL optimization, designing, coding, and tuning big data processes using Apache Spark or similar technologies.
  • Experience with building data pipelines and applications to stream and process datasets at low latencies.

  • Good hands on and troubleshooting experience with Linux.
  • Good hands on and troubleshooting experience with public cloud, Specially on Microsoft Azure.
  • Good hands on and troubleshooting experience with Hadoop file system.
  • Good working, hands on and troubleshooting experience, on Azure Data bricks with internal and external meta store implementation.
  • Resource and security management on Azure services.
  • Good hands-on experience and troubleshooting expertise with Azure infrastructure/Azure services.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Good understanding and co-operative nature with entire team members.
  • Good working knowledge on Azure Data Factory, Azure Storage accounts, Key Vaults etc.
  • Good hands-on experience on Azure Cloud to understand the IAM, VM build process, storage account and other services.

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Technologia Corp is an innovative Cloud and DevOps Services company. From our initial client meetings to the actual implementation of your projects, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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